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Image of 100 Business Ideas (free to start)

100 Business Ideas (free to start)

If you’re looking for some extra income on the side, a new job or even want to break out of your 9-5 job then this list is the perfect starting point. Here I have listed 100 businesses you can start TODAY for FREE!
The items in the list vary a lot based on working online via the internet, or locally if you’re not so great with computers. There are suggestions for the tech savvy, or not so tech savvy. There should be something for everyone within this list.
The most important thing you can do with this list is TAKE ACTION. Everybody has an idea or wants to make a change in their life, but most people never go beyond the idea or thoughts. There is nothing wrong with trying something and failing, the best lessons in life are learnt from failures. If you learn from it and keep progressing, it’s not a failure.